Surge Protective Capacitors

Surge Protective Capacitors

We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Surge Absorbing / Protective Capacitor. This product is used to protect generator and heavy motor from intern fault. SHARDA’s surge protection capacitors are special types of capacitors. Its application is of a specialized nature i.e. in case of abnormal condition.

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High Voltage Capacitor

High Voltage Capacitor

Sharda is producing power compensation capacitors since 20 years with fully technically & Experienced workmanship, new advanced machinery

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Casting Products Industry

Low Voltage MPP Capacitor

The construction of this type of capacitor is like having one sheet of Polypropylene Film in which an upper part is metalized with aluminum (Al) or zinc (Zn) with standard thickness having 0.2μm.

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Global Energy Market Supplier

Capacitor Bank

SHARDA ELECTRONICS & CO. is a manufacturer of Capacitor Bank with associated Equipment's

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The Future GPI
Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship Building - A Key to Our Success To our customers we offer a near endless stream of support. It is our goal to keep our customers up and running.

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About Us
SHARDA Electronics & Co.
SHARDA Electronics & Co. is located in Sangli, a developing city in Western Maharashtra, India. SHARDA is the leading name in the capacitor world since 1989.SHARDA Electronics & Co. is manufacturing electrical products like Capacitors, Harmonic Filters, APFC Capacitors Panels with skilled experienced hands for high quality performance and high customer satisfaction. SHARDA is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for its product & company quality policy.

We are technocrats with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of Power Capacitors & Reactive Power Compensation equipment.

These Capacitors comply with major international standards and are manufactured at our ISO: 9001-2015 ‘Computer Aided Design’ certified facility in Sangli (India), to produce world class electrical products like Capacitors, Harmonic Filters, APFC Capacitors Panels.
Our testing infrastructure ensures every product is extensively life-tested, to guarantee extreme levels of reliability, safety, and life expectancy.

SHARDA Electronics & Co. Manufactures Hi-Tech designed electrical equipment like Capacitors, Harmonics Filter, APFC Panel, Reactor, Electrical Distribution Panel with advanced manufacturing capabilities. We have well established factory & full-fledged testing laboratory. We are able to undertake mass production by our new advanced Manufacturing tools adequate raw material, skilled and experienced persons etc. Our products conform to IS, IEC & IEEE specifications. We are continually conducting R&D in manufacturing process to save energy which in turn earns energy in this power deficit country.

We have approvals of ERDA Vadodara, various Electrical utilities, L&T, Reliance, Oil & Natural Gas co. India, CGL, Coal India, etc. and major project consultants in India.

We have successfully executed the orders of valued Clients from abroad like Ghana, Uganda, Senegal, Jordan, Dubai, Vietnam, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Mexico, etc. and also from various state electricity companies, public sector units, Large / Medium scale private companies within India etc.
SHARDA Electronics & Co. Manufactures Hi-Tech designed Capacitors with advanced manufacturing process.
We assure you of the following benefits:
• Better Quality Products with Highly Competitive Prices.
• Fast Deliveries, with Minimum Lead Time.
• ‘5 years’ Free Replacement Guarantee. (for specific range)
We look forward to receiving your enquiries and Purchase Orders for the above range of Capacitors and services that we offer. We also offer Tailor- made Products. We guarantee 100% Satisfaction.
An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company